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Mid-Brain activation is a revolutionary method in teaching children and improve their cognition skills. This method of training enhances the capabilities of their brain and helps them to perform functions that are not easily possible. Midbrain activation enhances their perceptive skills and even helps them to see, read and find out things like colours, shapes, etc., even when blindfolded.

Further the training helps children to improve their power of concentration and memory. With the enhanced concentration and memory power, you’re children can achieve their dreams easily.

Quantum reading or Quantum speed reading is a revolutionary method of teaching children and adults to learn to read at astonishing speeds. Moreover, it enhances their perception skills to a level that can enable them to read books with just flipping of pages. Of course, such a level of mastery will require years of practice and perfection. However, even learning the basics of quantum reading helps your children to master their study in all the school subjects. This can be taught to children between the ages of 5 and 15 years.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is a new and advanced system of finding the intelligence of children. While the conventional IQ or Intelligence Quotient test was limited finding the ability of the children in mainly lingual and arithmetic skills, this advanced multiple intelligence test is able to find the aptitude of children in multiple intelligences. The Dermatoglyphics test gives an overall picture of the abilities of children on the basis of their fingerprints and patterns on their palm.

Mathematics and arithmetic skills are the founding stones for understanding life and sciences. At Happy Kids Academy, we train your children in the abacus training which helps them to learn mathematics easily. This abacus training enables your children to do mathematical calculation at a split of a second. Moreover, the training endears maths to your children which makes the whole learning process a fun activity to perform. Abacus Bud level training is perfect to be taught to kids of 1st to 5th standard.

Vedic Mathematics is the culmination of research and study into the long forgotten Indian Vedic system. This age-old system of doing calculations is much faster and easier than the conventional system of addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. Children who learn vedic mathematics not only learn better but also become more confident human beings. This skills enhances their social skills and gives them a sense of self-belief which goes a long way in making them as strong, independent individuals.

At Happy Kids Academy, we provide Vedic maths training for kids from 6th to 10th standard. This helps them to shine in their academic education and even in personal life.

Phonics is the system of teaching by pronunciation and recitation. It helps children to learn languages properly. English can be learnt easily and spoken like a native under proper guidance from experienced phonics trainers. At Happy Kids Academy, we ensure that your children learn the language the way it is to be learnt. This course enhances the recognition and reading skills of your kids.

Handwriting is an essential skill that is required for all children. A better handwriting not only makes it easier for them to communicate better but also provides them a lot of confidence. With better handwriting it is more probable that they get better marks and grades in their school lessons. After all, who doesn’t want a better handwriting?

At Happy Kids Academy, we provide continuous training for your children to better their handwriting by improving the legibility, clarity and uniformity in their handwriting. It is beneficial to all children of schooling. It also enhances their writing speed which is an important skill in the present day competitive world.

Drawing is an important skill to learn. It enables the children to recreate things that they see and even create new things from their imagination. An important benefit of learning drawing is also the enhanced neuro-motor control. It also increases the hand to eye coordination.

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